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Our Impact

Our community is at the heart of everything we do, and're proud to share some of the stories that showcase our impact. Take a look at of the inspiring stories that highlight our community's resilience and strength.


My children have both been involved with DSFA programs and my oldest was actually introduced and now loves theatre, thanks to her role in Toy Camp last summer. I had attended Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, NY while growing up. One of the things I knew my kids were going to miss out on was the vast diversity of the art world that I got to experience in NYC, compared to what I know of in South MS. Jewel had started with private dance lessons 4 years ago and has stuck with the dance program, has attended some of the camp programs, and got involved with theatre which also led her to a role with another production company. DSFA has given her confidence in herself and has helped her abilities to grow as an artist in a caring and inclusive environment for all. Over two years ago I started to donate monthly to the organization as I learned that they also provide scholarship for students that may not be able to fully pay for participating. I believe all children(and adults!) should be allowed an outlet to explore their creative sides. Over this time I have learned about and met kids whose lives have been impacted by DSFA and all of its instructors and volunteers. Since then E.D. Shelton and her staff have completed training through the MS Alliance for Nonprofits and Philanthropy about proper and best practices for managing a nonprofit, and as this report shows, Ms Shelton and her staff are committed to direct services for our community to engage and learn various art forms. Between engaging in best practices and fulfilling their mission statement on a daily basis; I know that mine, and hopefully your monthly donations will be able to sustain, grow, and make an impact in the lives of our communities."

Zachary Fillhart, Donor/Sponsor

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