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Canvas of Achievement: DSFA Annual Report

Explore our comprehensive annual report showcasing our progress in recent years, featuring our valued donors and volunteers, and celebrating our achievements from the inception of DSFA! Check it out to see how far we've come.


Our Mission

Diamondhead School of Fine Arts (DSFA) is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Diamondhead, MS. Our mission is to provide quality education, exposure to the fine arts, and appreciation of the fine arts to our community and beyond.

DSFA is founded on the principles of inclusivity and equality, with a mission to make the arts accessible to everyone, irrespective of age, background, or socio-economic status. Our programs span a diverse range of artistic disciplines, from theatre and dance to private music lessons, embodying our belief that the arts are a universal language that should be available to all. As we look to the future, our goal is to further broaden our reach, deepen our impact, and continue to break down the barriers to artistic expression. 

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DSFA in Focus

Visualizing Impact: Financial Performance Insights

Dive into our 'Visualizing Impact: Financial Performance Insights' section to explore detailed departmental breakdowns and insightful comparisons that showcase our fiscal journey. Discover how each area of our nonprofit art school has contributed to our overall growth and sustainability over the years. Through compelling graphs and analyses, gain valuable insights into our financial achievements and the impact of strategic investments across various departments. Uncover the story behind our numbers and see how we're leveraging resources to empower creativity and innovation.

Net Income by Department 2021-2023

Experience the remarkable growth of our nonprofit art school between 2021 and 2023, showcasing our journey towards excellence and impact. Explore the significant advancements and transformations across departments, reflecting our dedication to fostering creativity and innovation.

Hover here to see the difference!

Departmental Breakdown 2021-2023 (1).png

Donations Drive Impact

At DSFA, we believe in the transformative power of arts education. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our operations rely on the generosity of donors, sponsors, and grants. This vital support enables us to offer our programs to students at free or discounted rates, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to access quality arts education on the Gulf Coast. Together, we're making a difference in our community.

Champions of Our Journey

Hover over the pictures of some of the champions of our journey to learn a bit more about what DSFA means to them. Explore the personal stories and experiences of our donors, volunteers, and students, and discover how DSFA has impacted their lives and creativity. Hear directly from those who have helped shape our community and mission.  


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Cynthia Quintanilla
Terry & Laura King
Karen Hebert
Erin Harvanek
Mishelle Rennie
Douglas Oberwartmann
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
Stephen Passman
Paige Muse
Joel Salsbury
Mark Klockow
Election Impact Group

Got Shots?
Tom Rennie
John Walton
Zachary Fillhart
Stacey Vollenweider
The Mystic Krewe of Seahorse INC
Kodie Koenenn
Maureen Fandal
Christina Caryl
Aceri LLC
Carolyn Gray-Morris
Leslie Henderson
Lee Farrar
Sarah Schafer

Kay Benton
Amanda D'Angelo
Mary Jackson
Network for Good
Maureen Hennessey

Debra Foster
Ocean's Pearl Beach
Billie Southards
Sally Garrett
Deborah Vignes
Hancock Family Medicine PLLC

Tammy Smith
Robert Vollenweider
Cheryl Lockhart
Susan Rossilli
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