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Ally Lamar

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Ally embodies the resilience and passion that define her journey leading her to

teach sign language. Born with hearing loss, she navigated a world of partial

sounds before losing most of her hearing by the tender age of 8. However, her spirit remained undeterred, and she embraced the beauty of being deaf and using sign language while attending the Delaware School for the Deaf.


Ally has lived in multiple states but calls Mississippi her home. Here she attended the Mississippi School for the Deaf for a brief time before going on to graduate from D’lberville High School. She attended Hinds County Community College long enough to leave an indelible mark by becoming the first deaf student to earn the privilege of staying in the Honor's Dorm. After Hurricane Katrina she moved closer to home and finished her associate degree from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Perkinston campus and then received her Bachelor’s from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).


Ally loves acting, dressing up, and performing. At Perk she joined the theater and was an actress in a moving play about Hurricane Katrina, a production that took their theater group all the way to Mississippi State University for competitions. She landed herself a role as an extra in the Lifetime movie “Christmas in Mississippi,” where she wore winter clothing in the Mississippi hot summer night - but she loved every minute of it and hopes to do more of those movies but on Hallmark Channel movies.


In her spare time you’ll find Ally with her cat Cooper watching Law and Order SVU, Organized Crime, and Criminal Intent. She loves everything Disney. Including going to Disney World, Universal Studios and will stand in long lines for any thrill water ride or roller coaster.


Ally is also a dedicated advocate for the deaf community. She serves as the

secretary of the Mississippi Coast Association of the Deaf (MCAD), and a regular volunteer at the De’lepee Deaf Center.


Ally comes to the Diamondhead School of Fine Arts with boundless enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share her love for sign language with students of all backgrounds.

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